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Feb 16, 2015

Chocolate balls

Mousse cake with gold designs

"lolly pop" chocolates with marshmallow design

Chocolate and pistachio teardrop miniature

Chocolate pie and miniature arrangement

Cake and chocolate arrangement

Decorated cake #48

number 4 Birthday cake

Decorated cake # 47 - Baby girl

Fruit platter #73

individual nut & dry fruit tarts

Decorated cake #46

Large fruit platter #72 - with dry fruit

Fruit platter #71 - winter fruit

Decorated baby cake #45

Baby boy 2 tier platter

Decorated heart cookies with personalized names

Wedding cake #8

Dome shapes mousse with marshmallow design

chocolate mousse cake

Micky Mouse cake

Car cake

Chocolate mousse cake with pink decorations

moon and stars dessert

Birthday cake #44